TODAY, in our final look back at the history of the soon-to-be demolished Castlebrook High School in Unsworth, teacher Stella Jackson shares her memories.

"I was head of music from 1977 to 1981, when I reluctantly had to leave far earlier than planned due to health problems.

"I came up from London having just got married and been head-hunted by the then music advisor, Jeffrey Wynn-Davies. The school still had a sixth form but we soon lost it when the high schools in Bury became comprehensives and the sixth form colleges were created.

"Sadly the music department had been without a head of music when I arrived. There was a lot to do! There was so much talent in the school (staff and pupils) that it didn't take long before things were up and running.

"We had a brass band - lots of girls and boys from the school were members of Besses Boys' Band ; wind band; orchestra; choir; staff choir and, later on, a barbershop group made up of a few staff and pupils.

"One year, when Vivaldi's Gloria was an O level set work, we joined up with instrumentalists and singers from the other schools in the borough for a performance which I conducted at St Peter's Church, Bury.

"We put on lots of concerts throughout the year and there were loads of talented instrumentalists taught by some brilliant peripatetic teachers from the music service.

"There was always the noise of music lessons or pupils practising throughout the day.

"Throughout the week we had children practising - or at rehearsals - before school, in break times and after school. During the run-up to the shows we were there at weekends, too."

Mrs Jackson added: "To me it seemed a very happy and creative time in the staffroom. People didn't seem to go home on the final bell: the place was humming with clubs and activities, often until after six o' clock."