IN the Bury Times dated August 8 it was reported that Bury Council is to increase the price of residents parking permits. I live in Zone K which covers Parliament Street, Westgate Avenue and South Bank Road.

We never see a parking warden/officer up here except for the occasional Saturday morning.

There are cars parked on these three roads every weekday from morning till evening with no permits displayed and there is never a penalty notice stuck on the windscreen, except for the occasional Saturday morning you might see the odd penalty notice.

Turnover a couple of pages in the Bury Times and there an article with the headline 'Tens of millions owed to council in tax and rates'.

Why, for goodness sake, doesn't the council hire bailiffs and go after the non-payers of council tax and rates instead of hounding the motorist.

These parking permits are now being used as 'cash-cows'. I wonder if it is the same in other zones — it would be interesting to see other readers' views.

Resident of Zone K