AUTUMN is the season that arachnophobes fear the most as eight-legged terrors start to appear around people's homes.

This time of year is the beginning of the spider mating season and the most common varieties are beginning to search for dry corners in which to do their business.

For people who hate the small arachnids it can be a difficult time of year but there are some simple ways to avoid spotting any unexpected visitors.

  • Fill in any large gaps of spaces around windows or cables with caulk or consider using fine mesh screens around vents in your home.
  • Keep your home tidy to avoid species of spider which thrive in dark corners.
  • Turn off outside lights. These might not attract spiders but they will bring in insects and other pests which can become food sources for the arachnids.
  • Avoid leaving curtains closed and use sprays to keep the house smelling fresh. Spiders prefer the dark and are often deterred by strong scents.
  • There are also some pest control items such as Borax which are made to stop insects.