A MAN shoved his girlfriend from a moving motorbike, knocking her unconscious.

And when she told him their relationship was over Harry Owen smashed her head repeatedly on a car bonnet, leaving witnesses fearing she was dead.

At Bolton Crown Court 24-year-old Owen pleaded guilty to two counts of causing actual bodily harm and assaulting his partner.

Hayley Bennett told how Owen, of Garnett Street, Ramsbottom, had been drinking when he committed the first offence at his victim’s home in Bury on December 12 last year.

During a row he 'flicked' a knife at her, leaving her bleeding heavily and with a deep gash in her finger.

Then, on February 26, she was riding pillion on his motorbike near Fairfield Hospital and he pushed her off the moving bike

“The defendant unsuccessfully tried to put her, unconscious, back onto the back of the motorcycle before making off,” said Miss Bennett.

“When attended by police the victim lied to protect the defendant.”

Then, on March 8, in Benson Street, Bury, the victim told Owen their relationship was over.

“He then grabbed her and took her to a low wall,” said Miss Bennett.

“She was dragged around before having her head beaten against the bonnet of a nearby car."

The assault was so severe that she lost consciousness.

"Three witnesses thought that she was dead," said Miss Bennett.

In a statement to police the victim stated that she was "terrified" of Owen.

"I do not believe that I deserve this," she said.

"I am not perfect but I would not treat anyone the way I have been treated."

Neil Ronan, defending, said Owen suffers from mental health difficulties including hallucinations and the relationship had been ‘toxic’

He said that Owen now accepts the relationship is over.

"The flame is very much burnt out," said Mr Ronan.

"When it comes to the offending the least said the better. This is a young man who has learning difficulties and, at the time, was using drugs."

Owen was jailed for 10 months but because of the time he has already spent in custody, will be released imminently.

Judge Stead told Owen: "These are shameful offences. Intoxication is no excuse — in fact it makes it worse."