A BURY police chief has appealed for calm on social media as emotions run high following the tragic death of a baby boy .

Inspector Findlow, who covers Bury North, which includes Radcliffe, posted on the force's GMP Facebook page after it emerged some people were "stirring up negative emotions amongst the community".

He made the plea after it emerged that posts had been directed to certain people who are thought to have been connected to the child.

Inspector Findlow stated: "Many of you in will still be coming to terms with the circumstances that led to the very sad death of a child in the River Irwell in Radcliffe yesterday evening. We understand this incident will have caused shock and sadness in the local community.

"Police worked through the evening yesterday piecing together the events that led to the death of a child in the River Irwell near to

Radcliffe Town Centre and a male adult has been arrested and is still in custody awaiting further questioning.

"We know there have been a number of postings on Social media which have expressed the sadness of the local community, as we would expect from the people of Radcliffe.

"However, with emotions running high last night there have also been some postings directed to certain people believed to be connected to the child which have not been supportive.

"Radcliffe is a very close knit community, and it has known the loss of a young person in tragic circumstances before.

"Today there will be members of the child’s family who are also trying to come to terms with what has happened and we know the overwhelming number of the community will want to rally around them at this stage

"May I ask you to use your social media to urge people not to rush to any conclusions at this stage and to avoid stirring up negative emotions amongst the community. Radcliffe is strongest when it is showing support for one another."

Inspector Findlow concluded: "Local PCSOs will be patrolling Radcliffe through the day andwill be on hand to talk to people. They will provide any updates as and when they occur.

"I know I can rely on you to support the community at this time."