HEADTEACHER of Bury’s newest school says he wants it to be at the heart of the community and one pupils are proud of.

Hazel Wood High School opened three weeks ago as part of the Oak Learning Partnership, on the site of the now closed Broad Oak High School. The school’s vision is to “foster a sense of pride and community and providing an opportunity for all to excel.”

Bury Times:

Head Paul Greenhalgh said: “Our vision is something I strongly believe in and that all our staff, students and parents helped to create. They want to belong to a school that fills them with pride, a school that firmly establishes itself at the heart of the community. They have aspirations to compete with their peers both locally and nationally.”

Mr Greenhalgh, originally from Bolton, taught at the outstanding Blue Coats School in Oldham, where he spent eight years. He has been overseeing plans for the new school since 2018, when he was appointed headteacher.

The former Canon Slade pupil told how his education inspired him and encouraged him to apply for the country’s top universities.

“As an ordinary lad from Bolton I was warmly encouraged to apply for universities that I never thought possible and I was supported to do so,” said Mr Greenhalgh, “ My dreams came true and I attended Durham University completing undergraduate and post-graduate studies and fulfilled my ambition to become a teacher and now headteacher.

“ It is this encouragement and aspiration that I want to give back to the students here at Hazel Wood.

“They have the drive, knowledge, skills and attitude to achieve. They just need a signpost to aspire! We are committed to doing that no matter what barriers are in our way”.

Since the new school opened as part the Oak Learning Partnership, Mr Greenhalgh says that its values of “Respect, Responsibility and Aspiration” are embedded through a new behaviour and reward culture, a new uniform and a completely new approach to the teaching and learning experience of Year 7 pupils.

The school has introduced a Key Stage Three reading approach to ensure all children develop their reading skills and vocabulary.

It has also launched a new approach to character development and is drawing up a comprehensive programme of enrichment and community engagement events.

The school has recently appointed an “Aspirations” co-ordinator ensuring that all its students are looking to the future, universities and achieving the qualifications they need to achieve their dreams.

This year the school celebrated having more than 38 pupils apply to a to Holy Cross College and others to other colleges.

Head Girl, Chloe Rushton said: “We are not Broad Oak, we are Hazel Wood High School, we are proud of the changes that have been implemented such as the new school uniform and the standards in school.”

Deputy Head Girl, Hannah Wass said: “We are determined to be more involved and have an impact on the community. Our school has always had a family feel and this has been strengthened by the changes. We couldn’t be more proud of our school”