COMPLAINTS have been made about a large quantity of waste which is piling up in a back alley.

A mattress, bed, doors, clothing, plastic boxes, sports bottles and other general waste has been dumped on the ground in the passageway in Radcliffe.

Mum Kayley Talbot described the pile of rubbish as "disgusting".

She says she made a complaint to Bury Council at the end of last week after noticing the rubbish in the alleyway between properties in Siddall Street and Knowles Street.

The council said this spot has been hit by fly-tipping on more than one occasion. Officers will be removing the pile of waste and are looking at installing CCTV in the area.

"I think it is disgusting that people can dispose of their rubbish like this", Ms Talbot said. "There is a tip not far away and people will moan when there are rats.

"I don't want my daughter being around this sort of mess."

Ms Talbot, aged 32, shared photographs of the waste on Facebook, with Cllr James Mason, who represents Radcliffe East ward, responding that he would take up the issue.

"There is all sorts of rubbish and people are adding to it", said Ms Talbot said. "I reported it because it looks a mess. I felt if I didn't report it, it is only going to get worse."

Another resident posted that they had contacted the council about the issue.

A Bury Council spokesman said: “Yet again, a grossly irresponsible person has decided to blight the neighbourhood by dumping their rubbish in a back alley. They don’t seem to care that their actions affect those who live nearby, and how much it costs local council taxpayers to have it cleaned up.

“We have made arrangements to remove this waste and have informed the complainant of that. We are also going through it to find evidence of who the culprit is and bring them to justice.

“This is not the first occasion of fly-tipping at this location, and we are now looking at installing CCTV in the area to catch offenders.”