A YOUNG gangster - who stabbed two robbery victims in the buttocks and shot someone with a gas gun - has lost an appeal bid.

In one incident the 16-year-old was involved in a serious attack on group of moped riders in Radcliffe, which ended with him stabbing victim Curtis Wordley as he lay defenceless in the street, the Court of Appeal heard.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was in a car which careered into the riders and a passenger, who also included Mark Walsh and Dominic Wilson, in June 14 last year.

Appeal court judges were told Mr Walsh’s bike was the original target but this had been damaged in the collision. The youth, brandishing a flick-knife, kicked Mr Wordley as he lay on the ground and stabbed him twice in the buttocks, causing deep wounds, before he rode off on his bike.

Mr Wordley was hospitalised for several days and the youth was arrested four days later, the court was told.

That July the same youth was a passenger in a drug dealer’s car which pulled up to one of his customers. Money was demanded before he was punched in the face. When the pair got out of the car the driver grabbed the other man in a headlock while the youth stabbed him, again in the buttocks.

Before they left the scene, the car was reversed at the drug user but he jumped out of the way. The youth was later recognised from CCTV footage by a police officer.

And in a third incident, in September, the youth was chasing another man around with an imitation firearm during a scuffle. He fired three shots, one of which hit a nearby taxi.

The next day the youth was involved in a confrontation in a takeaway in which he shot a man in the leg with a gas gun. He had been involved in gang activities since the age of 15.

Last November the youth, after pleading guilty to 10 robbery, wounding and firearms charges, he was sentenced to 89 months detention at Manchester Crown Court.

His lawyers had applied to the Court of Appeal, having previously had an application rejected by a single judge, on the grounds his punishment was “manifestly excessive".

Back then he was refused leave to appeal on the grounds he had twice stabbed someone in the buttocks, a well-known form of premeditated punishment, he had fire a gas gun twice while looking to cause injury and, when he was arrested, was armed with a large knife.

Rejecting his appeal again, Lady Justice Nicola Davies, sitting with Mr Justice Lavender and Mr Justice Nicklin, said: “We agree with the remarks and conclusion of the single judge. Accordingly, this renewed application is refused.”