PLANS have been submitted for a 52-property development in Elton.

Shaheen Developments is the applicant behind the proposals for 36 private dwellings, 12 affordable housing dwellings, and four self-build dwellings within a gated area at land off Brandlesholme Road.

This is the third application associated with the site to be presented to Bury Council for consideration since 2011.

A spokesman for Shaheen Developments said: "This is an exciting opportunity to deliver 52 much needed residential homes on brownfield land which meets the needs of the local community and aligns fully with both national and local planning policy."

Under plans, there would be 20 three-bedroom houses, 18 two-bedroom apartments, 10 five-bedroom houses, and four six-bedroom houses. In addition, the applicant proposes 96 parking spaces.

Designs also propose planting new hedgerows, bulbs, shrubs and trees in the green spaces surrounding properties.

An application for a development at the same site, consisting of 18 flats and 39 houses, was first submitted to the local authority in December 2011. They were approved with conditions.

Then in February 2015, a reserved matters application was submitted to the council, and approved with conditions.

Now the plans have come before the council for a third time, requesting 52 dwellings and associated access.

To view the plans search application 64640 at