FORMER Bury North Labour MP James Frith spent £1,517 on Facebook advertising in the last 12 months.

Of that less than £100 was paid for in the last week.

Bury South’s Independent ex-MP Ivan Lewis spent nothing on Facebook advertising.

Mr Frith’s spending was one of the higher by former Labour MPs in the North-West but well below Tories Chris Green,ex-MP for Bolton West, at £2,190, and Andrew Stephenson, Pendle, at £2,482.

Mr Lewis said: “I am very active of Facebook and social media but I have not paid for any political advertising,

“I am not criticising MPs who do do that.

"“I have not ruled out paying for social media advertising in my election campaign but I will have to look at the budget. There are strict rules on what candidates can spend in elections."

Mr Frith said: "It's a great way of communicating with people of all ages and backgrounds and it is a great way of interacting with them as well.

"It is one of the most effective ways of telling people what I'm doing that's why the local Labour Party use it.

""It is always an addition to going out and meeting people face to face and talking to them which I do a lot of."

Both are standing in the December 12 General Election.

Mr Lewis said: “Social media is an important part of engaging with constituents. It is part of modern life and politics.

“I do have concerns about it in terms of the intimidation, abuse and trolling that happens on social media and I think it can skew your view of things.

“I shall still be out knocking on doors and speaking to people. These traditional methods are the best way to find put what people are concerned about.”

Mr Frith said: "This Facebook advertising means I've been able to tell people about what I'm doing in relation to Bury Hospice, the walk-in centre and of course Bury Football Club.

"It enables to tell people about what I have raised in Parliament and what I think on issues.

"It reaches wider than my personal Facebook and website.

"And people can message me back and post on Facebook so we can respond."