A JEWISH community space is to dramatically increase in size after being given the green light to undergo a much needed extension.

Whitefield Chabad in Park Lane has been granted planning permission to expand by 50 per cent, including a two/single storey storey rear extension and single storey side extension, to add more floor space and essential facilities.

It comes after approval was given to formally change the building’s use earlier this year.

Under the plans the Chabad will soon boast a range of new spaces such as extra bathrooms, including a disabled facility, as well as an area to allow young mums to enjoy classes with their new babies.

Rabbi Samuel Jaffe, the Chabad’s co-director, said: “Until now the centre has not been very user friendly, it has been cramped and unpleasant for people.

“But this extension will enable us to continue doing what we have been doing, but more effectively and successfully, and make the space a lot more functional.”

The Whitefield centre is one of over 4,000 Chabad Houses around the world and has been serving the borough’s Jewish community for over 10 years.

Under the directorship of Rabbi Samuel and Sara Jaffe the Chabad operates as a communal space, offering an increasing variety of services including library facilities, religious and education programmes, group and over 60s meetings, prayer meetings and social events.

Rabbi Jaffe said: “With the growth has evolved the positive problem that the space is no longer able to facilitate all of our programmes, which are so desperately needed.

“We’re absolutely delighted and thrilled with the decisions of the planning department and would like to thank Bury planning department for their guidance and direction.”

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