YOUNGSTERS at a Prestwich school were given an insight into the world of news reporting when they were visited by the Bury Times for a journalism workshop.

The pupils at Manchester Mesivta School in Charlton Avenue had been honing their literacy skills and learning about the media in the run up to visit which was intended to enhance their English studies.

Over the course of the lesson the pupils and reporters discussed the process of putting a newspaper together from finding a story to the finished product arriving on the newsagent’s shelf.

They also chatted about all aspects of the job, from the best ways to start your career in journalism, to funding newspapers, how long it takes to write an article and knowing what to put in your stories and what to leave out.

After the visit, teacher Naomi Shrecker thanked the Bury Times, noting that the experience will enthuse the pupils for literacy. She added that the pupils had told their parents of the “fantastic” visit. Viktor Kayed, a journalism student currently on a work experience placement at the Bury Times and who joined the workshop, said: “It was a privilege to be invited to the Manchester Mesivta School and meet the wonderful pupils who will make excellent journalists of the future.

“We hope they enjoyed the workshop.”