THE CHANTING started long before the rock and roll star had made it anywhere near the stage.

“Liam, Liam, Liam” filled every corner of Manchester’s 21,000 capacity arena, as an army of parka-clad fans launched pint glasses of lager into the air, impatiently waiting for their icon to appear.

The former Oasis frontman swaggered onto the stage with nothing less than the sheer confidence you would expect – and it is easy to see why he would be so self-assured with such an adoring crowd waiting for him.

The younger Gallagher brother was back on home turf, ready to raise the roof with a well though-out set list of chart-topping Oasis hits, with his own solo material peppered in-between many of the band’s raucous bangers.

“Yes Manchester,” he growled in typical Gallagher fashion as Manchester City’s champion music blared through the arena to cheers of delight from all around.

The 90-minute set, which included not one, but two encores, had something for everyone, the young bucks and ‘old farts’ alike.

The night kicked-off with a belting version of Oasis’ 1994 hit track Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, getting the crowd warmed-up, before Gallagher launched into solo number Shockwave – a track from his second studio album Why Me? Why Not.

Staying on theme with music from his latest album, Halo was performed, before a rendition of Wall of Glass, from his highly regarded first solo album, As You Were.

There was a clear divide between the die-hard Gallagher fans in the audience and those who were in attendance in the hope of taking a stroll down memory lane and were sat in anticipation at hearing some of the rock star’s hits from his former life, performing alongside brother Noel.

And they were not let down.

“This one here is for all the old farts” Gallagher mused, as he kicked off a belting performance of Columbia, a track first released on Oasis' first demo tape over 25-years-ago.

The night was a rollercoaster ride of iconic hits both old and new, with the likes of Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova performed with all the gusto and flair that they first were all those years ago.

In the hours after the big hometown gig, Gallagher took to Twitter – as he so often does – to let his 3.2 million followers know exactly how he felt about the night.

“Manchester, I f******love and adore every F****** one of ya. Thanks for the love you were biblical.”

No Liam, Manchester loves you – and after this, probably always will.