STUDENTS from Bury College were rescued from a high rise building by fire crews as part of a realistic training exercise.

During the operation, students acted as residents in a high rise block and were evacuated and led to safety by firefighters.

The training at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service's training and safety centre in Bury enabled crews to rehearse firefighting and rescue operations.

Station manager Jim Bridge, who organised the exercise, said: "We greatly appreciate the involvement of the Bury students in making our training scenario even more realistic. We hope that this gives the students an insight into the challenges facing firefighters and inspires some of them to go on to join the Fire Service.”

During the exercise, students were evacuated and led to safety by firefighters who needed to simulate realistic conditions in order to test operational procedures.

Tony Greenhalgh, Bury College lecturer in Public Services, said: “We are only too happy to help the Fire Service on exercises like this.

"The exercise contributes towards community safety and allows our students to experience first-hand the demanding operational environment that our emergency services work in.”