A WARNING has been issued following a number of fires inside a derelict building.

Fire crews say they have been called to several incidents at the former Bury Fire Station in The Rock, prompting them to warn people against trespassing and of the "dangerous" nature of derelict buildings.

In the latest call-out, Bury fire crews turned out to the old station where a small amount of flammable liquid was ablaze.

Crew manager Gavin Doyle said: "We were called to a small fire at the old fire station at about 9.30pm on Friday.

"There was evidence of the building being used by rough sleepers.

"A small amount of flammable liquid was alight on the floor. It had almost burnt out when we arrived.

"We checked the rest of the building to ensure it was an isolated incident."

Mr Doyle urged people not to enter derelict buildings, warning that they are unsafe.

He said: "Someone had climbed the fences to access the premises. Derelict buildings are very dangerous. If someone were to have an accident, no one would know.

"The old station is badly damaged and there are lots of hazards. We would advise people not to go inside."

The station on The Rock opened in 1965.

The ageing station was vacated in July 2012 when firefighters completed the landmark move to their state-of-the-art base at the Chamberhall Business Park.

At the time, the £1.8 million centre was regarded as the most environmentally friendly fire station in the North West because it allowed firefighters to collect rainwater to fight fires and flush toilets and also made use of solar heating and power.