TWO kind-hearted brothers have found their own way to help the city's homeless after being shocked by the number of people sleeping on the streets.

Oscar and George Booth were moved into action when they noticed the sheer number of rough sleepers in Manchester city centre during a family visit to the Christmas markets.

The boys, aged seven and nine, have been busy making packed lunched and distributing them around the city centre to feed the homeless. George said: “When I saw the man in Manchester I felt bad for them and wanted to help them.”

Oscar added: “I wanted to help because they don’t have enough money to buy things, so I thought giving them food would help.”

Staff at Gorsefield Primary School, where the boys attend, donated food items towards the packed lunches.

The brothers have since told their parents they want to carry out a new act of service each month, to make a positive difference in their hometown.

The family, who live in Radcliffe, engaged with each of the homeless people they came across and asked about their stories, and the support they receive.

Mum Sarah Booth, who is training to be a beauty therapist, and who runs a pop-up Beauty Booth at Halo in Radcliffe, said: “The boys felt strongly about helping the homeless after making a man so happy when they gave him their sausage roll. They came up with the idea themselves.

“We were overwhelmed with their kind thoughts and had to pursue this.

“We wanted the boys to learn that everyone should be treated with respect and everyone is as important as each other.

“We spoke to each individual about how they became homeless, how long they have been on the streets and what help they get.

“Everyone was so so thankful and wished us well and a happy Christmas.”

She added: "We are hopeful that this will encourage other children and families to help."