BOSSES at a Bury record store have said they are still going strong and will be sticking around after rumours that the shop might be leaving town.

Steve Toolan, manager at HMV Bury, took to social media on Saturday to reject fears that the music retailer could be on the verge of shutting.

He also thanked loyal HMV customers for their support over a “difficult year”.

Speaking to the Bury Times, Mr Toolan said he was disappointed following rumours that Bury’s was among the slew of stores mooted for closure and expected to shut up shop in the coming months.

“It is in fact our store in Bury St Edmunds that will be closing,” he added.

“Obviously, we feel really bad for the manager Simon and all his staff in that branch who are at risk of redundancy.

“We would like to assure all our fantastic customers that we are very much open for business and intend to stick around in the Millgate for a lot longer yet.”

Despite the struggle faced by many outlets Bury’s HMV store has bucked the trend and reasserted itself at the heart of the borough’s thriving music scene.

In addition to expanding its offering last year the store brought talented unsigned artists to the masses through its Live and Local initiative.

The campaign not only offered seven artists the chance to have their releases sold and promoted in-store, but also saw them play unique, free to attend gigs in the shop.

Bury’s outlet is now stocking CDs from at least eight different artists, which have seen dozens of purchases, and has plans to add even more to the roster.

Last year’s gigs were such a hit that Mr Toolan and the staff at HMV Bury are already looking forward to 2020 when they are planning to return with even more live instore gigs and opportunities for unsigned acts.

Mr Toolan said: “Our Canadian owners are in this for the long term.

“They understand that there are still many challenges that lay ahead, but are encouraged by the positive results we have had in the last year, most specifically on our expansion of vinyl and our introduction of K-Pop sections; both have been hugely popular with our customers.

“Our Live and Local initiative, where we stock CDs and LPs from unsigned local talent and allow them to play live in our store, has also been hugely popular and we intend to do a lot more with that in the year ahead.

“Online shopping is fine, but it doesn’t give you access to the wealth of knowledge that exists within our staff.”

However although there is good news for Bury, Canadian-owned entertainment giant HMV has warned that job losses may be possible as it fights to keep shop doors open around the country.

Three HMV and sister-outlet Fop stores are set to close this month in Bury St Edmunds, Glasgow and Nuneaton; and a further 10 are said to be under threat.

Mr Toolan said: “Whilst it is obviously upsetting that a few of our stores are having to close, these closures are mainly down to HMV being unable to agree rental terms with landlords in those locations.

“Also bear in mind that four of the closures that have been announced are actually just relocations.”