BURY'S new Conservative MPs have welcomed the news that the Treasury is considering rewriting rules governing public spending in a move that may benefit areas the North of England.

The changes would make it easier for cash to be allocated to projects outside of London and the South East.

It could help boost investment in infrastructure, business development projects and schemes like free ports.

Both Bury North's new MP Cllr James Daly and his Bury South counterpart Cllr Christian Wakeford said the proposed changes were 'fantastic'.

Current rules require government to allocate cash to projects that promise the biggest economic benefits which tend to have most impact in areas in the South-East with more people and businesses.

Under the new plans investment decisions would be made with a focus on 'reducing inequality between northern and southern England', rather than promoting overall economic growth across the country.

It will affect decisions made about projects ranging from rail improvements to investment in scientific research.

Cllr Daly said: "This is fantastic news.

"It shows this Conservative government's commitment to town in the North of England.

"I shall be lobbying ministers to ensure Bury gets its share of this investment.

"It is part of the government's commitment to levelling up the economy of every part of the country."

Cllr Wakeford said: "I think this is fantastic news.

"It will help boost the gross domestic product of the North. Greater Manchester is already a major contributor to the UK economy.

"It is a wonderful idea. Investment in the North of England will boost the economic growth of the whole country."