THIS New Year thousands of people in the North West have ditched the booze for Dry January in a bid to boost the health of their bodies and wallets.

Around 20 per cent of those who have given the month-long teetotalism pledge a go reported they were doing so to help them afford things around the house, according to a recent survey.

However abstemious savers may have to forego a tipple for a little while longer if they hope to squirrel away enough cash.

To save enough for a kitchen renovation the average Dry January participant would have to carry on their temperance for eight years and 20 weeks, according to research by company Thomas-Sanderson.

While those hoping to save for house deposit in the region would have to pass up on 2,276 pints of beer. Although this was the fourth lowest figure in the UK.

Furthermore, the figures suggest that the average 25-year-old partaking in dry January would have drunk the equivalent of £6,150 in their lifetime, which equates to 52% of the average deposit needed for a home; the average 30-year-old would have drunk away £10,570 – 91% of the average deposit in the UK.

Commenting on the study, Richard Petrie, marketing director Thomas-Sanderson said: “Whatever your reasons for doing dry January, cutting down on alcohol can be a great way to save money, especially if you are spending £70 per month.

"Obviously, the targets mentioned in the story are a tad far-fetched, but it’s a good to get an idea of what you can achieve by cutting down on the booze and it will do wonders for your health.”