READERS now have the opportunity to see their pictures featured regularly in The Bury Times thanks to the launch of our new Camera Club.

Our Camera Club is a group for photographers in Bury to show and share their work with each other and get their pictures published in print and online with The Bury Times.

The submitted photos can be on any topic as long as they are taken in the local area and show off the best of Bury

Bury Times chief photographer, Gus Sivyer, said: “We have so much going on in Bury and we always enjoy sharing photos from events, big and small, with our readers.

“It’s not about how good your camera is, it’s about getting your pictures in print for all to see. This also another great way to build a published portfolio.

“We want to see pictures from everyone – whether you’re a seasoned amateur photographer or a budding enthusiast.”

Search for The Bury Times Camera Club on Facebook to join or or email submissions to