FLOODING struck again last weekend within my Bury North constituency.

For many local residents this was not the first incident of flooding you have had to endure and we must ensure defences are put in place so these areas are adequately protected going forward.

Each location has its own unique geographical characteristics, the measures necessary to protect properties on Newby Close, Redvales may well differ to those required on Kenyon Street in Ramsbottom and again for properties and businesses on Warth Road in Bury or those properties at constant risk of flooding in Summerseat.

We need an audit of every site impacted by the flooding and an assessment made of what we can do to reduce the risk of future flooding.

The Government has provided millions of pounds for defences but if more investment is needed I will be working with Bury Council to ensure monies are in place so work can be undertaken at the earliest opportunity.

Bury Times:

Sympathy for the victims of flooding is not enough, we need action and I would urge anyone who needs assistance going forward to contact my constituency office or e-mail me at James.Daly.mp@Parliament.uk.

The £40 million Radcliffe and Redvales Flood Defence Scheme is in its second phase of construction and clearly could not protect every home in the Redvales area.

To witness the devastation to homes and flats on Newby Close highlighted the need for decisive action to provide adequate flood defences for every home no matter where it is situated.

In the House of Commons this week I also spoke of the need for an adequate flood defence scheme in Ramsbottom.

I would also ask Bury Council to take note of the flooding around Scobell Street in Tottington and Walshaw, which again showed why the local fields should not be concreted over as part of the GMSF.

I want to pay tribute to all those public servants and volunteers who supported the flood victims, they did a fantastic job and their efforts are much appreciated.

In the terrible circumstances of Sunday’s floods, our area’s community spirit and desire to help our fellow residents shone through again.

The Victoria at Walshaw contacted me to offer the use of 3 bedrooms for those impacted by flooding and there are numerous other examples of this. Bury, Ramsbottom and Tottington are fantastic places to live and proud communities who are linked by their desire to make their areas the best they possibly can be and when necessary locals will move heaven and earth to help their fellow citizens

Action therefore must therefore be taken urgently by the authorities to address these issues, we cannot be in a situation where the impacts of flooding are not remedied for years.

The glaring example of this is the Waterside Bridge in Summerseat.

There can be no justification for the length of time it has taken to reinstate the iconic bridge, with work only due to begin in a number of months time.

There have been several complex issues to resolve but the Council must show itself capable of delivering large scale infrastructure projects within a reasonable period of time for the good of everyone within the Borough.

The Council must also address the ongoing problems with blocked culverts and drains.

Much of the flooding was exacerbated by inadequate drainage away from the Irwell and we must develop a plan to rectify these ongoing issues and prioritise a situation that has been apparent for many years.

If Bury MBC can find £500,000 from reserves to pay the salaries of senior officers it surely can find money to carry out work to protect the homes and property of local residents.

By politicians and the relevant agencies working together, we must find solutions to the problems highlighted by the flooding on Sunday and ensure we support every local resident and family whose lives continue to be impacted by these issues.

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