A GRADE I listed church was hit by flooding during Sunday’s deluge.

River water covered the floor of the Parish Church of St Mary in Radcliffe after rising through the grills on the church floor, and washing under the front entrance.

The church, in in Church Green, has thanked volunteers and parishioners who volunteered their time to help alleviate the problem, and brought sandbags to try and prevent water getting inside the medieval building.

Team vicar, Rev Elizabeth Binns, said: "The water has left a layer of damp and silt on the floor.

"We moved quite a large number of items from the building on Sunday when it became apparent the waters were coming, and we saw ducks swimming by. We moved as quickly as we could.

"We do pass on our thanks to everyone who in concerned about the church and all those who offered and gave their help.

"Luckily it is nowhere near the scale as it was in 2015."

The Parish Church, first built in the 12th century, was one of the worst affected locations hit by the Boxing Day floods of 2015, and was left under seven feet of water. It had to close for four months in 2016 while restoration work was carried out.

About one inch of muddy water covered the floor of the church at the weekend.

Congregation member Peter Gorman said: “The flood water stopped inches from the rear vestry door of the building.

"The flooding to the church would have been far more severe if not for the herculean efforts of mostly female congregation members brushing the water out of the church as it was flooding in.”

An architect is due to visit the site to review the damage.

The church is currently being dried out, and Rev Binns said a further appeal for help will be issued if needed.

It is not yet known whether the building will be ready in time for this Sunday morning's church service.