The new series of Hunted, which starts tonight, will star a former Royal Air Force serviceman from Bury.

Kayam Iqbal is one of the hunters in the new series and he is tasked with the challenge of finding 10 members of the public who go on the run for 25 days.

There is a cash prize up for grabs for those who successfully evade capture, which will be divided up between those who 'survive' the experience.

Mr Iqbal said: "It's the first time everyone starts with no money and no mobile phone, trying to stay off the grid is hard. We have a certain time to catch them and if they beat us they can win £100,000.

"We have specialised intelligence people, military people, MI5 and CIA. I am one of the ground hunters, so I speak to friends and loved ones to expose where people are hiding."

Mr Iqbal served in the military over 11 years, beginning his career as a medic and then specialising in languages.

Although a world away from war zones, the Hunted experience is still a stressful one, especially when the contestants are difficult to find.

"It is extremely frustrating, you get so close and find out they were there an hour ago.

"We actually take it very seriously. My blood pressure goes up. But it's massively rewarding."

The new series of Hunted starts tonight on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.