POTHOLES on an Unsworth estate are 'ruining vehicles and ruining lives' exasperated residents have claimed.

Householders say there are more than 100 potholes around Bloomfield Drive and connecting roads.

These are said to vary in size from smaller depressions to hollows anywhere up to 80mm deep and half a meter across.

Problems are made worse, they add, by parents dropping off and picking up their children from nearby schools, whose vehicles are breaking up the road surface and damaging pavements ­— turning them into trip hazards.

Moreover, the bungalow-lined streets are occupied by many elderly residents who have difficulties navigating the affected roads and pavements.

Bury Times:

Norman Gill, aged 70, who lives in Bloomfield Drive, said: "We have two entrances to our estate and both are loaded with potholes and it has been like this since I moved here three years ago.

"It's like a road in a third world country and we just don't seem to be getting anywhere.

"Schools are making the estate like a carpark in a morning and afternoon and it's creating a high risk of people falling ­— and I have seen this happen."

Mark Goldenfield, who lives in Anfield Close, added: "The roads are in absolute need of repair. I have to dodge my car from side to side in case I go down a pothole and do damage to my suspension.

"The roads are dangerous. Dangerous to cross for elderly people, as these holes are a total menace."

Bury Times:

Fellow Anfield Close resident, Andy Cropper, said: "I use Bloomfield Drive several times a day. I have a brand new car and it feels like driving over a manufacturers test track. The whole drive needs resurfacing."

Residents say they have repeatedly raised their concerns about the potholes with Bury Council and Bury South MP, Christian Wakeford.

Although the potholes are periodically filled in they say this is only a "half-baked" and "botched" temporary solution, and are now calling for the area to be fully resurfaced.

Mr Goldenfield said: "The council sometimes sends people to fill them but this lasts a couple of weeks. This is not good enough it needs proper tarmac down so this lasts."

Mr Gill added: "I do accept that there are a lot of things money needs to be spent on but sometimes they just put a bit of tarmac in.

"Over the passage of time the tarmac is just breaking up and exposing the whole foundations and more potholes."

Bury Times:

A Bury Council spokesman said: “We are investing heavily in improving our road network, with an extra £20 million for highways programmes announced in the last two budgets.

“Because of this, repair schemes at Sunny Bank Road (Burndale Drive to Glendale Drive) and Randale Drive (Sunny Bank Road to Chadderton Drive) are scheduled and are likely to be completed this year.

“There are 660km of roads in our borough, though, and we cannot tackle every problem. We inspect the roads and prioritise repairs depending on the condition of the highway and the risk to the public.

“While Bloomfield Drive and Anfield Drive are not included in the next programme for carriageway resurfacing, we are looking at including these roads in a future preventative maintenance programme of work.

"We have also recently completed several repairs to Bloomfield Drive following a highway safety inspection, designed to ensure that the street is safe for road users.”

Mr Wakeford said: “I’ve spoken to Bury Council regarding the intolerable situation residents are facing regarding potholes.

"They have assured me that recent repairs have taken place to ensure it is safe for road users and they are considering it for inclusion in their preventative maintenance programme.

"Working with local residents I will continue to keep the pressure up on the council to ensure that Bloomfield Drive is fully resurfaced as soon as possible.”