PLANNED power cuts are to continue going ahead despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Electricity North West has warned that power maybe temporarily removed from some homes and businesses while daily maintenance work is carried out.

However, as more and more people are working from home and self-isolating, the regional power provider has said it is committed to keeping electricity flowing to people's homes during the crisis.

The firm has sought to reassure resident that its engineers will continue to work throughout the pandemic, and respond to network issues "round the clock" to reduce the impact of power cuts.

Steph Trubshaw, customer director at Electricity North West, said: “We know that many people will be working from home or self-isolating, and may also have children at home, meaning we’re all relying on electricity in our homes more than ever.

“We provide a critical service and the work we do is fundamental to the country’s effort to managing this pandemic well.

"We encourage people who are concerned about power cuts to contact us so that we can help.”

Despite the ongoing measures introduced in response to the coronavirus, maintenance work will be undertaken by Electricity North West across the network each day.

This is in a bid to "add resilience" for the coming weeks and months, the firm said.

As a result some planned power cuts are set to go ahead ­— although this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Ms Trubshaw added: “We maintain 57,000km of overhead lines and underground cables, and not all of our maintenance work can be stopped or delayed as it is essential to us operating a safe and reliable power network.

"That means that some of our planned power cuts will still be going ahead, so that we can reduce the risk or unplanned power cuts in the future, where possible we will reduce the impact on our customers by shortening the time your power is turned off.

“We are continuing to work with industry colleagues and Government to ensure the support and help is available for customers in the North West.

"Plans are in place to protect our customers and employees and we ask that if you are affected by a power cut and are self-isolating, please contact us immediately and let us know so that we can help.”