TWO walk-in centres have been shut and could be transformed into 24-hour coronavirus hubs.

Both Prestwich and Moorgate walk-in centres are now closed to the public.

The changes to the borough’s two walk-in centres are a “temporary” measure to help the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) but will be in place until further notice.

Prestwich walk-in centre will now house a COVID Management Service, health authorities have confirmed.

It will serve as a 24/7 hub which will deal with non-urgent queries from people with coronavirus, including advice over the phone, telephone consultations, face-to-face consultations and arranging GP home visits.

The service is only for people who already have coronavirus or have coronavirus symptoms and are unwell, but do not need a 999 response.

Access to the service can be gained via GP practices or after contacting NHS 111.

It is understood that a similar hub could be set up at the walk-in facility based in Moorgate Primary Care Centre but no there are no plans to turn it into a COVID management service site at the moment.

Bury One Commissioning Organisation (OCO) chair, Dr Jeff Schryer, said the emergency steps have been taken to protect the public and staff and prevent the spread of the virus.

He said: “We are making these temporary changes during this extraordinary time to protect the public and staff and to create a safe hub to manage coronavirus cases.”

The Prestwich walk-in service is provided by BARDOC, while the Moorgate centre is run by the Northern Care Alliance.

The Bury town centre walk-in facility was expected to move from Moorgate Primary Care Centre to Fairfield General Hospital as part of a review of the urgent care system in Bury.

A public consultation into the proposal, which aims to improve and simplify access to urgent care in the borough, was completed earlier this month.

Some appointment-only services may continue to be offered at the Moorgate facility for the time being such as changes of dressings.

Patients who need to access dressing changes service should contact NHS 111.

In the first instance patients are encouraged to seek advice online via, or ring their GP practices or NHS 111.

People should continue to use in the first instance if they have any health concerns.