A HOLIDAYMAKER has returned safely to the UK after fears he may become stranded due to the coronavirus.

Jason Kelly, from Radcliffe, had been travelling alone on his first holiday abroad in Cyprus.

However, the country has since gone into lockdown in response to the Covid-19 outbreak ­— with flights being cancelled and hotels told to cease operations from March 21.

With time running out Mr Kelly fortunately managed to secure a plane ticket and landed back in the UK on Thursday evening.

Although he raised concerns that many other Greater Manchester tourists he made friends with while abroad had not yet managed to get flights home.

Mr Kelly told The Bolton News he was "relieved to be back home", adding: "It was a good first holiday experience and it's not put me off.

"But it has made me aware never to travel when there's anything medical going on.

"It's a bit different being back. A lot has happened in a week and the UK is taking the measures now that I have experienced in Cyprus since Monday."

He also thanked the people who offered him support out in Cyprus.