DURING these difficult times, Bury’s nurses, doctors and other hospital staff are going above and beyond to keep people safe, well and alive.

These heroes and angels are by are side not just now but 24/7 and 365 days a year, just as they always have been.

However entering into the profession of nursing has changed a lot over the decades.

Bury Times:

Back in the 1970s women and men from the borough looking to start out their nursing careers would most likely have undertaken their training at Bury School of Nursing.

Here we have the school’s newest class taking instruction on May 7, 1975. In one photo, pupils take turns at being the patient during demonstrations in the school’s practical room. In the bed is pupil Freda Heywood, while class teacher is Mrs Eileen Barber, third right ­— also teaching resuscitation in the second picture.