WITH many of us confined to our homes as we practice social distancing, keeping healthy and active has become a unique challenge.

Now one Bury gym is seeking to help young and old alike stay fit without having to leave the comfort of their living rooms, with a series of fun video fitness classes.

Like most other businesses and venues, Durable Fitness gym in Radcliffe has been forced to close due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

However, training team Amy Pope and Dan Smart have devised a series of online, virtual workout classes for people of all ages to join in with at home.

Bury Times:

Ms Pope said: “These video classes are something that we have wanted to do for ages but never had the time to put together until now.

“And with a lot of people now being at home we decided to create home workout videos."

Inspired by popular fitness coach Joe Wick and Durable Fitness's own bootcamp classes, Ms Pope and Mr Smart's exercise videos include PE classes for children.

These are live streamed by Ms Pope every Sunday, so people can join in in real time, and she is also aiming to post at least two fun PE workouts every week on the gym's Youtube Channel.

On top of this they are also sharing 12 minute, HIIT, whole body workouts for adults three times a week and live streaming three lower impact exercise classes for senior citizens ­— devised with the help of Mr Smart's father.

Bury Times:

In each 12 minute video participants can work out with Ms Pope and Mr Smart, progressing through a combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises designed to work the upper body, lower body and core muscle groups.

Ms Pope said: “The kids videos and seniors videos have really taken off, and the adult ones have also started doing really well.

“I think it’s because everyone is at home looking to entertain their children and so these have kicked off as a way to do that.

To join in with the video classes visit facebook.com/fitnessthatlasts or search Durable Fitness on Youtube.