TAXPAYERS in Bury who receive support from the council will each get an extra £150 off their council tax.

Households in receipt of council tax support will automatically get the cash credited to their balance.

Residents who remain in significant financial hardship could also receive one-off payments from Bury Council.

Chief executive Geoff Little revealed that the government has given the council £1.8m through its hardship fund to help residents through financial difficulties during the coronavirus crisis.

He said: “Those people who get council tax support will now get another £150 which will be immediately deducted from their normal balance. It’s really important to support people at this time.

“Where people don’t qualify for support from the Department for Work and Pensions, but still need support in the short term, we have £1m for council tax support.

“That’s immediately putting money into people’s pockets. The other £800,000 will go towards one-off payments.

“It’s only a small amount of money. It only goes so far. But it’s a start.”

Bury households face a 4.66 per cent hike in their council tax bill from April, including a £24 increase for Band D properties, set by the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

Bury Council raised its part of the council tax bill by four per cent at a budget meeting in February.

This came after the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham raised his council tax precepts by more than one per cent taking the total rise for Bury households to 4.66 per cent.

Council tax support is available to help households on a low income.

How much support residents get depends on income, savings and whether applicants are working or pension age.

In Bury, everyone of working age who gets council tax support has to pay at least 20 per cent of their council tax.

The additional council tax support of £150 per household announced by Bury Council during the coronavirus is applicable to all property bands.