COLOURFUL pictures of heartwarming rainbows made by people across the borough are continuing to flood in to the Bury Times.

An appeal was issued last month for young and old alike to cover all six towns with their rainbow designs to spread a message of hope, and pay tribute to our NHS staff and other key workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Over the last few weeks more and more have brought a smile to many faces as they have been displayed on windows, doors, pavements and homes.

Bury Times:

One of the most unusual and dazzling creations on display in Bury is a spectacular balloon rainbow made by Helen Coverdale of Castle Road, Unsworth.

The balloon rainbow has proven such a hit that it has now caught on along the whole street.

Together Castle Road residents have also raised more than £575, which will be split between The Samaritans, foodbanks, and to buy cakes for NHS workers.

They are now planning to expand their generosity to also reach other key workers and Salford Women’s Aid.

Bury Times:

In a message on Facebook, Ms Coverdale said: “To every key worker out there from the bottom of my heart, thank-you.

“To every parent out there winging it while putting on their best scared-but-it’s-going-to-be-ok parent face on - you got this.

“To every friend out of work or has currently closed their business - we will come back better and stronger.

“To everyone staying at home, even the independent oldies, thank you, we will help each other through it.

“To all the new babies being born, prepare yourself for a million photos and God help you when grandparents can come visit ­— welcome to this crazy world.

“And to all you little guys out there keep painting rainbows anywhere you can.

“This rainbow is from me the balloon lady, wishing I could just go in the hospital or supermarket to even just brew up for the staff, to each and everyone of you.”

If you know of a youngster who still wants to share their rainbow creation, then email or log on to our Facebook page, @BuryTimes and share their work with our army of readers on our website and in future editions of the paper.