WELFARE units made in Bury have been redeployed to support coronavirus testing sites across the UK.

Until now the facilities supplied by Garic have mainly been used to support construction industry projects.

But with the advent of Covid-19 testing centres being established across the country, the units have been repurposed as part of the crisis.

Each of the units has freshwater supplies, waste and fuel tanks, flushing toilets, urinals, hot and cold water, hand dryers, heating, lighting and power generators – which company officials say makes them a "perfect fit" for Covid-19 testing centres.

A spokesman for the Aviation Road based outfit said: "Recently, the NHS has called on the Prime Minister to ensure that these testing centres were placed in convenient locations throughout the UK.

"Previously these test centres were located in converted car parks, but there was a growing concern that with these centres being placed in inconvenient locations, the people being tested were adding further risks as they travel further to get to these centres.

"One of the most important uses of these test centres is the testing of NHS staff. By implementing these testing centres, NHS workers who have tested negative for the virus can go back to treating patients on the front-line.

"However, only 5,000 of the 50,000 health workers in England have been tested for the virus throughout the UK, meaning that supplying these test centre cabins is more important than ever.

"In these unprecedented times, Garic are proud to support the NHS and UK government and prove that welfare units can go beyond their typical construction usage."

The company has been supplying welfare units and other specialised plant to industry for regeneration and motorway schemes since 1998.