A HEARTWARMING family have been going the extra mile to raise spirits in Prestwich and Whitefield during the coronavirus lockdown.

Laura Edwards, daughters, Erin, aged two, and Erica, aged 10 months, and husband Paul, have been throwing their energy in to entertaining people during their daily exercise.

Each day the family have been taking a walk around their area, singing and dancing, to provide other youngsters and elderly people who are isolating a friendly face to see outside their windows.

They have also been singing happy birthday to neighbours of all ages, from a safe social-distance, and delivering hand-drawn rainbows, by request.

To add to the fun, Mrs Edwards recently started dressing as Where's Wally from the classic Martin Handford books.

And she has also been making videos wishing people a happy birthday, reading bedtime stories for children, doing exercise, performing stand up and sketches, and more.

Mrs Edwards said: "It's funny how amazingly people have responded to a mum walking around her neighbourhood dressed as Where's Wally, waving, singing, and giving thumbs up to houses, cars, and people passing.

"It definitely is keeping my spirits up. It's awesome actually.

"My daughters and I have made so many new friends, some of whom are isolating on their own, and we're chatting to them on the phone now.

"I'm planning on trying to set up a befriending service when this is over to ensure people have someone to talk to and share a brew with."

Bury Times: Laura Edwards singing Happy Birthday to Kate, aged 10Laura Edwards singing Happy Birthday to Kate, aged 10

The family's capers have proven a hit with residents, although they were recently stopped by the police.

But instead of arresting them, as Mrs Edwards first feared, Special Inspector Moshe Rothstein and his team praised the family and asked them for a photo.

A video that she filmed following the meet up with officers has received around 25,000 views, and was retweeted by Jude Holmes, Deputy Chief Inspector for Public Protection at Greater Manchester Police.

Bury Times: Police Special Inspector Moshe Rothstein and Laura EdwardsPolice Special Inspector Moshe Rothstein and Laura Edwards

They have also received messages of support from all over the UK, and even from people in the USA, Singapore and Australia.

Whitefield resident, Zoe Rushton said: "Laura's really become a symbol of hope for our community, that no matter how horrific our current situation is, she will make us smile."

Last week Erin and Erica took on their own special charity event to fundraise for the NHS on VE Day.

Bury Times: Laura Edwards with daughters, Erica, aged 10 months, and Erin, aged 2Laura Edwards with daughters, Erica, aged 10 months, and Erin, aged 2

Erin ran two miles, to and from Heaton Park, taking a specially designed route to wave to their many new friends on her way.

While Erica walked around 100 meters, whilst holding Ms Edward's hand.

When she returned home Erin was greeted by SI Rothstein, with sirens and lights to congratulate to congratulate her.

So far their appeal has raised more than £1,400, and received donations from as far aways as California.

SI Rothstein said: “The work Laura and her family have been doing in the local community is great, and so endearing to see and hear how she has been lifting the spirits of so many each day since lockdown commenced especially now by raising money for our NHS."

Bury Times: Laura Edwards and daughter Erica, aged 2, with the GMP Prestwich Neighbourhood teamLaura Edwards and daughter Erica, aged 2, with the GMP Prestwich Neighbourhood team

He added: "I feel really privileged me and my colleagues were able to surprise her daughter Erin at the finish line together with all her neighbourhoods who all came out into their gardens to cheer her on.

"Once all the clapping ended, we led a two minutes silence for VE day which was a special moment which saw police officers uniting with the public to remember all those who gave their lives for us to live in peace today."

To donate visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/erinanderica