AN INNOVATIVE mental health project is set to explore how treatments inspired by the colours of the rainbow could help people dealing with the psychological effects of the coronavirus crisis.

The project has been created by psychotherapist Jane Silver, from Whitefield, and brings together members of the medical, healthcare and therapy fields.

This week members of the project will gather for a video discussion on using holistic therapies, nutrition and supplements to help fight the pandemic’s effects.

The conference will be hosted by BBC Radio 5 Live and Hits Radio broadcaster Lucy Salem.

As a member of the National Counselling and Hypnotherapy Societies, Mrs Silver comes into first hand contact and treats people with a variety of mental health problems ­— from depression and anxiety, to alcoholism and eating disorders.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic she says she has seen increasing numbers of people dealing with fear, anxiety, and grief which is ‘psychologically destabilising’.

Speaking to the Bury Times she described how the outbreak was leaving people "fearful of going outside or going to work", while domestic violence and alcohol abuse are on the rise ­— even in people who have never had alcohol misuse issues before.

She added: "You have a whole host of problems that are only going to get worse unless we balance this out."

Her new project was inspired by a recent session with a client who is a key worker and single parent, living with vulnerable family members and young children.

Although her client was unable to verbalise how she was being affected by the pandemic, she was able to draw a representation of her feelings and how she had been affected by treatment ­— which showed a transition from dark to bright colours.

This led Mrs Silver to draw parallels between therapies and Eastern medicine, and the seven colours of the rainbow ­— which has become a symbol of hope during the pandemic.

She then approached colleagues to hold a video conference which will take place tomorrow using the the Zoom web conferencing app.

In the discussion, Mrs Silver will be joined by community pharmacist Marc Borson, GP Dr Emily Paterson, psychiatric nurse Leanne Naylor, lead psychological therapist at Bradford District Care Foundation Trust Ravinder Kullar, mental health therapist Rachel Earing, and health coach Julia Reinwald.

Each member of the project will discuss different ways to help people’s mental health during the crisis, corresponding to a colour of the rainbow. These are:

- Red: The effects of fear on adrenal glands which are responsible for metabolism, blood pressure and immunity.

- Orange: Use of feelings and sensations to support heart, lung and thymus function.

- Yellow: Strengthening the immune system

- Green: The benefits of meditation and yoga to manage emotions, stress and grief

- Blue: Communication and the subconscious

- Indigo: Using vitamins and supplements to ward off respiratory symptoms of Covid-19

- Violet: Psychological health and RTT Therapy

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