A FATHER-of-two who has battled anxiety since his teens has written an empowering new book to help others struggling with mental health problems.

Ged Jenkins-Omar, a former Bury College student, first began suffering from anxiety and panic over a decade ago.

At its worst his mental health spiralled until he was "on the edge" and "stared into the abyss with the depression that resulted from it".

Over the years Mr Jenkins-Omar tried and tested lots of methods coping, and thankfully, eventually found strategies to help him manage.

He is now married with two children and works at an animal sanctuary.

Mr Jenkins-Omar, who has lived in Bury and Radcliffe, said: "Anxiety is not a one size fits all mental health illness and neither is coping with it.

"You need to try lots of different strategies that suit you and your life and see what works for you.

"I can still have difficult days and symptoms like everyone does but I put my strategies in place and manage my thoughts, symptoms and feelings the best I can.”

However, Mr Jenkins-Omar also wants to help others who are struggling to better cope with their anxiety, worry, and panic; and recently launched his book Help with Anxiety.

The book is aimed at both men and women and is suitable for teenagers and adults.

Inspired by his own experiences, it contains 150 tips and strategies, such as relaxation and distraction techniques, strategies to "take control", guidance on diet and nutrition, and more.

Mr Jenkins-Omar, who is also an ambassador for the charity Mind and founder of the mental health festival Awarefest, said: “I started writing this book around eight months ago, long before Coronavirus decided to take over the UK.

"It has been challenging as I have had to write it around working full time and being the best dad and husband, I can be.

"Having battled with anxiety and panic on and off since my late teens I wanted to write the book I wish I was given to me at the start of my journey with it."

To mark Mental Health Week, which runs from May 18 to 24, a free e-book of Help with Anxiety is available ­— before it returns to its normal price.

To download the e-book or for more information visit www.amazon.co.uk/Ged-Jenkins-Omar/e/B088PRZCF1/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1