A TEN-year-old girl from Radcliffe went the extra mile- and then some- for charity with a huge 100km cycling challenge.

Molly-Jo Picton decided to throw her hat in the ring along with countless fundraisers for the NHS across the country and chose to not shy away from a tough task.

The 100km challenge saw Molly-Jo ride 10km a day for 10 days, putting in a mammoth effort that Bradley Wiggins would be proud of.

Her mum, Alex Norman, said that everyone was "really proud" of her for the charitable endeavour.

She added: "She was trying to do lots of different things and started to make sock teddies and other little things.

"Then she asked if she could start go on bike rides, so i said that she could.

"We are really proud of her. When she finished she got a few treats and some money from us for herself."

Molly-Jo was accompanied by her stepdad, Sam Robson, with the pair taking routes around their area for their journeys.

Alex said: "She was able to get used to it after a few days and liked to go on the same route a couple of times.

It worked out that she was doing around six to eight miles a day- when she got to the end and we told her, she couldn't believe it.

"A lot of family and friends on Facebook helped donate so we made more than £300 when our initial target was £100."

Thanking people on her mum's Facebook page following the completion of the 100k challenge, Molly-Jo said: "I've just finished the last day of my bike ride for the NHS and thank you to everyone who donated.

"All the donations kept me going and I'm really happy of how much there is."

Due to Molly's success and her wanting to do more, they decided to extend the fundraiser until May 23- Molly-Jo's tenth birthday.

The charitable youngster kept her feet on the ground for her new challenge- baking some cakes and taking them to the local hospital.