A HUMAN resources specialist in Bury is celebrating clinching two new partnerships.

Leading lights at People Matters HR (PMHR) will be working with IMPROVE, an online learning outfit, and WeThrive, an employee engagement tool, to ensure they flourish, both now and post-pandemic.

Niel Cope, the Chesham Fold Road company’s managing director, said: “As part of our pledge to help our clients manage and develop their people, we are delighted to announce that we are partnering with IMPROVE and We Thrive to enhance our offering with a range of fantastic online resources.

“There’s no dispute that the way we work has changed dramatically over recent months.

“Through these partnerships we’re able to help our customers keep connected to their employees and keep their training up to date – even when people are social distancing.”

As far as IMPROVE is concerned, they have been offering more than 40 courses for small and medium-sized businesses, across a wide range of subject areas.

This profile is set to increase, with another 50 courses on their way shortly.

A People Matters spokesman added: “ Businesses will find this invaluable in the current climate, particularly as furloughed staff are still allowed to do training courses.”

For WeThrive, which provides next-level data on employee engagement in the workplace, there are also opportunties.

Andrew Heath, their chief executive, said: “We are really excited to partner with PMHR - Niel and his team are ideal partners for us - they absolutely put people front and centre of everything they do.

“In the first few weeks of partnering we won two new clients, both of whom have found the combination of WeThrive’s insights and Niel’s guidance and expertise transformational.”