MORE space could be created for walking and cycling as the council looks to make the borough’s streets safer for social distancing.

Bury Council is inviting ideas from members of the public as part of its #SafeStreetsSaveLives campaign to support social distancing and encourage more walking and cycling as we gradually come out of lockdown.

Among the ideas suggested online are wider pavements, safer cycle lanes and pedestrianised parts of Prestwich – the area with the most responses so far.

Residents have also complained of pavement parking, potholes putting cyclists in danger and fast-flowing traffic discouraging other road users.

The council consultation also asks whether residents would support changes being made long term beyond the coronavirus crisis – and many have said yes.

A spokesman said: “Over the last month across Greater Manchester walking and cycling rates have increased by over 10 per cent.

“Through the Safe Streets Save Lives campaign we want to keep this trend and encourage more walking and cycling as we start to come out of lockdown.

“We have worked together with other Greater Manchester councils and campaign group Walk Ride Greater Manchester to create a simple website for people to share their ideas.

“Simply drop a pin on the interactive map and leave a comment about how that location might be improved for people walking and cycling.”

Bury’s Lib Dem councillors have been calling on the council to take “immediate action” to provide space for safe walking and cycling across the borough.

In Manchester, the council has temporarily widen pavements and closed some streets to cars, to provide space for safer walking and cycling.

Prestwich councillor Cristina Tegolo wrote to Bury Council demanding action now.

She said: “Already some people are travelling to work and this is only going to increase over coming months.

“We don’t yet know when, but at some point children will be returning to school.

“We desperately need the space to walk safely around our towns and communities. Most of our pavements are not wide enough to social distance safely, and many people do not feel safe cycling around busy roads.

“Other councils are doing sensible things, like temporarily widening pavements on busy roads, temporarily stopping parking restrictions, or even making streets ‘access only’ to to relieve pressure on public transport and keep public spaces safe for everyone as the lock-down begins to be eased .

“Bury needs to take action now, not in a few months time, to make sure people can stay safe and travel safely.”

People can put forward ideas on safer cycling and walking in the borough by visiting

Comments must be submitted by Friday, June 12 .