JUDGES have given Ramsbottom's Bake Off: The Professionals chefs a second chance after the latest heat of the Channel 4 show.

Andrew Robinshaw and Ian McDonald were asked to show off their skills by crafting 24 classic millefeuillle with 24 'illusion' eggs, and a bird-themed showpiece, featuring choux pastry and cream.

And when the pair, from The Lounge in Prince Street, enjoyed a less-than-encouraging reception for their fig mousse and banyula jelly millefeuille, and squash and maple mousse eggs with caramel praline in the first round, it all came down a five-way fight with their competitors in the showpiece section.

Chef were asked to create a 'piece mountee' or mounted piece, with a Paris-Brest, of choux pastry and cream. Their dessert would be centred around a centrepiece made from nougatine and topped off with an elegant bird of their choosing.

One giant five-layered tower - topped off by an indiscernible bird - with spun sugar, chantilly cream and praline and flaked almonds, was in Andrew's words their bid to "go big or go home".

In the final reckoning, although they were in their last two places in the standings ultimately, judges Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden decided to send home their rivals, Natalie and Christine, from Lexington Catering.

Next time out, Andrew and Ian will be asked to tackle the show's feared 'secret recipe' challenge, before producing their own animated chocolate delights.