ILLEGAL off-road bikers could have their bikes seized and crushed as part of a summer clampdown being waged by police.

Greater Manchester Police has launched a #Safe4Summer campaign which aims to protect and educate young people, tackle antisocial behaviour and provide information to parents and carers.

One element of the campaign is an attempt to target illegal off-road bike usage.

In a statement GMP Bury South said: "It’s illegal to ride mini motorbikes or quads on public roads or land.

"GMP, in partnership with other agencies, will be targeting the illegal use off-road bikes this summer.

"Illegal off-road bikers face having their bikes seized, or even crushed."

The statement added: "How would you feel if one of your family or friends was hit by someone riding an on an off-road bike illegally? Don’t ride them yourself."

Riding Mini Motos, Go-Peds, mechanical scooters, trial bikes or quad bikes in a park, public place or open land is an offence.

It can lead to prosecution, bikes and driving licences being seized, and a large fine. If you don't have a license it could affect you getting one in the future.

Nuisance off-road bikers may also be prosecuted for committing other offences, such as for causing harassment, alarm or distress.

However, road bikes can be used safely and legally in the right environment and with correct supervision.

GMP Bury South officers said: "Motocross is a recognised skilled recreational sport.

"It can be highly enjoyable as part of a supervised and well-organised event or with a legitimate club.

"There are a number of designated sites where people can ride legally, either by permission of the landowner or as part of a legitimate club."

Anyone with any information about people using off-road bikes when they shouldn’t is asked to report it to police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.