A CHICKEN who would not cross the road almost fell 'fowl' of the law yesterday.

The hen was causing a menace for motorists in the north of the borough when it would not move out of the highway.

Traffic officers from GMP had a task on their hands as they tried to removed the plucky bird from blocking oncoming cars.

But, after securing the feathery culprit, officers launched a search to find out where it had come from.

Investigations revealed the animal had escaped from a coop in a nearby garden.

And, after its rampage of a different kind of road rage, the chicken was spared a night in the cells and safely returned to its owner.

Officers from GMP Bury North said: "This little chap almost fell fowl of Transport Unit officers when he wouldn't move out of oncoming traffic.

"Investigations found that he'd flew the coop from a nearby garden."