MUSICIANS in Ramsbottom are hoping to invoke the spirit of Glastonbury this weekend - even if their gathering is 200 miles from Worthy Farm.

Before promoters pulled the plug due to the coronavirus pandemic, this was the week the music festival would have seen Sir Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Diana Ross headline.

Now RisingSons, alias Dan Blackman and Matt Rynn, have pulled together 'GlastINbury', an online gathering which will take place this Saturday.

Bury Times:

Bands and performers including Secret Lemonade Factory, Paul Jenkins, Michael Johnson, Raggedy Rooster and Rob Swinney will be joined by acts from further afield such as Silver Moon and Neil and Jonas Rynn, from Merseyside, on the bill.

Dan said: "We are hoping to raise some money for another venture we are involved in.

"The recently-formed Holcombe AFC football club was founded to replace the now defunct RammyMen FC, maintaining the same principles of supportiveness, positivity and inclusivity, especially with regard to mental health.

"The club is aiming to enter the Rochdale, Bury & District Sunday League next season and, with time running short, we need all the financial support we can get to be able to equip the team and fund the week-to-week fees involved."

Bury Times:

An online donation box will be running throughout the event - which can be accessed via,glastinbury2020 - and limited edition merchandise and Holcombe AFC souvenirs are being produced to also support the fledgling club. The music starts from 5pm.