A SAILOR from Radcliffe who has served in some of the most dangerous regions in the world has been awarded with a long service medal in recognition of her service and conduct.

Petty Officer Sam Spencer was recently awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct (LSGC) Medal having served 15 years in the Royal Navy.

Now employed with the Royal Navy Police at HMS Collingwood in Hampshire, Sam joined up in in March 2005

That year, she was drafted to HMS Kent and deployed on a six-month Operation Telic tour of the Gulf during the Iraq War.

Four years later, Sam volunteered for a six-month tour of Afghanistan, in a job which involved transporting detainees around Afghanistan, which she cites as her most mentally difficult challenge and experience.

Sam said: “It was an honour to receive a Long Service and Good Conduct medal in recognition of the work and sacrifices made. Serving in the military dominates your life, it’s a huge sacrifice military personnel and their family and friends make.

"I recall on my first day of basic training, I phoned my mum moaning about being stuck in a room for hours with only a table, getting shouted at whenever anyone was caught sitting on the table and she thought to herself ‘She isn’t going to last’.

"I would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to my mum, Grandparents and partner for their constant support throughout my career.”

Following her return to the UK she rejoined Royal Navy Police Headquarters (East) and in 2013 volunteered to go back to HMS Kent, this time as a Leading Regulator. At the end of this draft she volunteered for another Operation Herrick Tour.

Sam has also served as regulating petty officer for HMS Queen Elizabeth for two years, as well as working in Diego Garcia as a Royal Overseas Police Officer.