A RETIRED engineer and history enthusiast has created a detailed 3D reconstruction of Radcliffe Tower and Manor using computer software.

Alan Engmann, originally from the area, said that he had an interest in "seeing our local heritage preserved in some way."

Alan had studied engineering at university and went on to have a career working in the oil industry.

Using 3D animation, Alan was able to recreate the Grade I listed building, which only has a small part of it remaining.

The manor house was demolished in the 19th century leaving only the remains of the tower.

Alan said: "My interest stems from years of interest in computers, and 3D manipulation. I used computers in the late 70's, before personal computers were even thought about.

"The difficulty of the model varies, depending on the complexity and the need for accuracy.

"Lots of photos and references help as I tend to be working without any plans or scale drawings, and so have to use my judgment, engineering background and a dose of common sense."

Alan collected numerous photos of the tower's grounds, as well as using drone video footage that someone had uploaded of the area several years ago.

Using that footage and knowledge of the tower from the Radcliffe's Heritage Society site, he was able to make the model using photogrammetry software.

He has previously recreated Radliffe's only remaining water wheel, just off Sion Street. He has also recreated a model of the old steam crane on the canal and the Musgrave steam engine.

Beyond its historical pedigree, Radcliffe Tower has long been object of fascination and folklore, including hauntings and deaths associated with its residents.

Although little now remains of the structure, ongoing conservation efforts have ensured the invaluable monument still stands today.