LOCKDOWN has made an already difficult situation even more intense for one young woman.

For 19-year-old Courtney McDonald, from Bury, no two days are the the same. She has been looking after her mum and nan at home full-time since she was 16.

Courtney’s mum struggles with her mental health and her nan has mobility issues and is often bed-bound.

The teen gives them round-the-clock support. Every day Courtney does the cleaning, washing, cooking and shopping and collects medications. Lockdown has made things even more difficult.

She said: “Collecting medication has become a lot harder. My nan is shielding, so that has brought a lot of challenges itself, I am constantly worrying about going out in case I bring something home as this could be fatal to my nan.

“Although I’m taking all the protective measures in place, a lot of others aren’t which is worrying. So now restrictions are being reduced it means more people are out and I’ve still got to go out to get medication and shopping, this is causing a lot more worry.”

Courtney isn’t able to go out and do things she would otherwise do.

She said: “Councils aren’t great at supporting young carers, there is no young carers’ support. I felt pushed into adult services early and councils can be alienating for young people. I go to carers’ groups and I’m always the youngest person in the room.”

Her experiences have prompted her to study health and social care at university and she’s passionate about the field. She wants others who might be struggling to reach out.

Courtney has also been receiving help from the carers charity Gaddum as part of the Who Cares campaign.

A Bury Council spokesman said: “We support hundreds of carers across Bury, all of whom do a magnificent job caring for our most vulnerable people, often in difficult circumstances. We are sorry to hear of any individuals who feel they have not had the support they need.”

The authority commissioned a new provider, n-compass, on June 1 after consulting local carers, A new hub has also been set up to offer support.

The spokesman added: “(They) will be working together to achieve the best outcomes for all carers, to identify carers of all ages, ensuring timely referral on to the most appropriate organisation.”

The Carers Hub can be contacted by telephone on 0300 303 0207 from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday or by email on enquiries@burycarershub.org.uk.

For more information visit www.burycarershub.org.uk