MORE than 30 drivers were caught out during a road traffic operation by special constables in parts of Bury.

And 20 of the motorists pulled over were targeted because they were suspected of using mobile phones while driving.

This offence, under legislation brought in three years ago, can now see those caught out issued with six penalty points on their driving licences and a £200 fine.

Officers from the unit were deployed on the streets of Bury and Prestwich last Friday with a brief to be on the lookout for offending drivers.

Another five drivers fell foul of seatbelt legislation and four were spoken to about having non-regulation tints to their windows.

Two cars were also seized as a result of having no insurance, the officers also confirmed.

A spokesman for the specials said the operation also led to the arrest of a man who had been 'wanted' by their colleagues.

Earlier this year there was a national crackdown on motorists who continued to use mobile phones while driving, backed by the National Police Chiefs Council, under the banner of #StandingUpForHangingUp.

New drivers, for instance, could potentially face the loss of their driving licence, if they offended within two years of passing their test, with the imposition of the six penalty points.