TWENTY hour days are becoming a normality for Ben Wardle, owner of Best in Bury.

This week’s Trader of the Week said that the butchers has been booming during lockdown, not only in Bury, but across the UK.

Ben recently launched Best Meat UK following the phenomenal success of Best in Bury and is delivering the best deals to happy customers.

He said: “It has been so busy.

“We usually sell vast amounts of produce but because we now offer free UK delivery the sales have gone through the roof.”

Ben worked on Bury Market from being twelve-years-old on S & J Meats.

He went on to set up Best in Bury with partner Fran Hilton.

Since then he has also launched Best Meat UK, using couriers to transport fresh, quality and well priced meats.

Ben’s motto is ‘treating you not cheating you’ that’s why his deals are the ‘best in Bury’.

“It has always been my priority to look after the customer. The meat prices are low and that’s because turnover is high and profit is low.

“I have found that if you treat people well they will always come back to you.”

Facebook engagement is key to the company’s success and almost 160,000 people like the page.

Ben added: “We had a woman order one of our deals from America. I had to message her and tell her that we don’t do the USA. That’s the beauty of Facebook I suppose.”

Best in Bury is based in Canon Street but the store is still closed because of lockdown.

Despite being able to open Ben said that the customer experience will not be the same if he opens.

“The shop is still closed because I am concerned. I want to keep the staff and the customers safe.

“We could open back up but I believe that shopping with us is all about customer and shopping experience and people like to come to the shop and see our amazing deals.”

The box buster is just one of the deals that Ben does and includes: mince steak 5% ; spicy style chicken; 4 x 40z steak burgers; 5 x minted kebab; 300g best back; 2 x tender sirloin steaks; 12 x Italian meatballs; a pack gammon steaks; farmhouse sausage; a big rack of bbq ribs; 4 x chicken fillets; 2 garlic butter breast; 2 x salt n pepper breast; 2 x peppered loin steaks. all this for just £49.99. This all includes free delivery.

Ben added: “It’s all about treating you not cheating you.”

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