A SUNNYBANK resident has said that speeding cars on his road appear to be getting "faster and faster" as he fears that someone could be killed or injured.

Billy Whitehead has seen cars speeding along Sunnybank Road for several years and believes that they have been going faster since lockdown began in March.

He said: "There's a park on this road where people walk their dogs and children go to play. It's a real community area and a driver could easily hit a kid if they ran out into the road.

"Loads of neighbours have complained but each time they have been told that someone will look into it.

"Nothing has been done - there are lots of older people on the road and when they pull out they aren't as sharp as younger people, so a speeding car could hit them.

"They are getting faster and faster. Something needs to be done because it's no use acting after something has already happened."

Billy added that he believes that the cars may be going up to 80mph, from what he has witnessed and deducted from the revs of the engines.

Unsworth Councillor Joan Grimshaw said: "It has been mentioned numerous times and it is very difficult to get a hold of the drivers.

"They race down other roads too and it is a nightmare - the council and the police know about it. Everytime it happens, it seems to go quiet and then it happens again.

"I was in a meeting once and they were talking about speeding. One gentleman told me that he measured the speeds of cars using his mobile phone. People are fed up with it and I am always on board with them."

Cllr Grimshaw - who has been a councillor for 18 years - said that she has come across many speeding complaints during her time and encouraged residents to keep on reporting it.

She added that she would continue to look into what could be done.

A spokesman for Bury Council said: "The central stretch of Sunny Bank Road is already traffic calmed, with several road/speed humps complemented by a mini roundabout on the westerly side and a double mini-roundabout on the easterly side."