SOME Bury roads are more dangerous than others ­— and an interactive map has revealed exactly which ones you need to be aware of.

CrashMap is a digital tool that identifies how many serious and fatal collisions occurred in a certain area ­— it also shows you where the crash occurred.

The data is taken from official police records and Government statistics.

According to the map, in Bury there have been 167 serious and fatal car crashes between 2010 and 2020.

Bury and Bolton Road is one of the most dangerous roads as there have been 20 serious and two fatal incidents in the last 10 years.

Four of these serious incidents happened very close together, near to the junctions of Colville Drive and Buckingham Drive.

Of the two fatal crashes, one happened on New years Eve 2016, near The Top Bull pub, and involved one vehicle and two casualties.

The second happened in April 2011, near to Travis Perkins builders' merchant, and involved two vehicles and one casualty.

Bury Times: Map of serious and fatal crashes in Bury. Photo: CrashMapMap of serious and fatal crashes in Bury. Photo: CrashMap

Radcliffe/Bury Road in Redvales is another of the borough's most dangerous roads, with six serious incidents and three fatal crashes happening there since 2010.

One fatal incident occurred in May 2010, near the junctions of Cleveley's Avenue and Pembroke Drive, and involved two vehicles and two casualties.

The two other fatal crashes happened in December 2012, one near the Newbank Garden Centre involving one vehicle and two casualties, and the other near Caton Close involving two vehicles and one casualty.

Nearby Manchester Road has witnessed 13 serious crashes in the last 10 years, with the majority happening along the stretch of road near the park.

Walmersley Road is also a road to be aware of, as one fatal and 14 serious incidents have taken place there during the same period.

The fatal crash happened in May 2015, near to Newton Street, and involved one vehicle and one casualty.

In Radcliffe, there have been 13 serious crashes and one fatal incident in the last five years.

Bolton Road was the most dangerous in the town.

Bury Times: Crash on Bolton Road, Radcliffe.Picture by: Ian Bleakley.Crash on Bolton Road, Radcliffe.Picture by: Ian Bleakley.

The majority of incidents happened at or on the approach to the roundabout connecting Bolton Road, Stopes Road and Milton Road.

Ainsworth Road was another hotspot ­— and saw several serious collisions and a fatal crash at the junction with Wilton Lane.

In area around Tottington, Walshaw and Greenmount there were six serious crashes in the last five years.

Hotspots for incidents, including those deemed 'slight', were Tottington Road and Church Street.

In the north of the borough, around Ramsbottom, Holcombe Brook, Hawkshaw and Shuttleworth, there were 13 serious crashes and two fatal collisions over the last five years.

The A676 (Ramsbottom Road/Bolton Road West) was the most dangerous and saw five incidents, one of which was fatal.

In Whitefield there were 22 serious crashes between 2015 and this year.

The vast majority of these happened on Bury New Road with hotspots around the junctions with Radcliffe New Road and Moss Lane.

Bury Times: Crash in Bury New Road, Whitefield. Photo: @fes9371Crash in Bury New Road, Whitefield. Photo: @fes9371

Finally, in Prestwich, there have been 24 serious crashes in the last five years.

Again most of these were concentrated around Bury New Road ­— especially through the town centre, around the junction with Hilton Lane and Scholes Lane, and near to the Sainsbury's store in Sedgley.

Another hotspot was located on the stretch of Bury Old Road between Heywood Road and St Margaret's Road.

To find out how many accidents have occurred near you, type your location into the CrashMap website.