STAFF and pupils at a Whitefield school have been praised by a Bury MP for their efforts to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to key workers.

Throughout the pandemic teachers and students at Philips High School have been making and delivering dozens of PPE face protectors to frontline workers and organisations, including care homes and charities.

They have also handed out hampers filled with cakes, donated by Oldham bakery, Park Cakes, who were recipients of masks from the school.

Their efforts have now been celebrated by Bury South MP, Christian Wakeford, who thanked the school for its 'amazing efforts', in a letter.

Mr Wakeford described the teachers' and pupils' actions as 'fantastic and kind spirited', adding that he was proud of everyone who had helped with the project.

Bury Times: Philips High School teachers, Matt Grundy and Vicky Craig, with the handmade PPE face protectorsPhilips High School teachers, Matt Grundy and Vicky Craig, with the handmade PPE face protectors

"Covid-19 has taken away many things but as you all have shown it has not taken away community spirit and the willingness to want to help others," his letter continued.

"I am so grateful to all of you for everything you have done, it is a remarkable achievement for the school, its staff and students.

"I wanted to write to you all personally to show my gratitude for the hard work and dedication you have shown, all this whilst keeping the school running and making sure students are still getting a first-class education. A remarkable and exceptional effort.

"I am unsure if you will be continuing this work through the summer holidays but if not, you have all certainly earned the break."

After receiving the letter, Philips High School tweeted that staff and pupils "could not ask for a better end to a term".